To all PHEIs:

Pending the issuance of the joint guidelines by CHEd and DBM, and the approval by the UniFAST Board of the Detailed Guidelines on Program Requirements, Processing of Payments, and Monitoring and Program Compliance for Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) as well as the list of TES grantees for SY 2019-2020, the creation of TES billing statements in the TES Management System is currently unavailable.

The UniFAST Board meeting scheduled on August 22, 2019 was moved to September 11, 2019. Also pending due to the rescheduled board meeting is the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) contracting PEAC as a co-implementor of the TES Program.

PHEIs are advised to start preparing their billing documents in anticipation of the approval of the guidelines and the list of TES grantees. For inquiries, please contact the UniFAST Secretariat or the UniFAST Regional Coordinator assigned to your region.