The PEAC is pleased to announce its online rollout of the 2021 In-Service Training for Junior High School and Senior High School Teachers in June to August this year. PEAC co-implements the INSET with the Department of Education under its GASTPE program. The 2021 INSET is open to JHS and SHS teachers in private schools.

PEAC is an accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider of the Professional Regulation Commission and licensed participants in the INSET can earn the CPD credit units they need for the renewal of their PRC license as professional teachers.

Interested schools are advised to download and read carefully the letter to school heads, program and registration checklist found in this page and at The registration fee is waived in the 2021 INSET. Schools who wish to register their teachers in the JHS INSET must follow the guidelines on who may register in the Regular Track and Advanced Track.

The 2021 INSET offerings include the following:

For inquiries, you may contact or send an email to:
JHS INSET – 0917.700.9410 or [email protected] 
SHS INSET – 0917.599.1103 or [email protected]




Contributed by the PEAC Training and Development Unit (PEAC-TDU)