In line with the rollout of the 2018 Certification Assessment Instrument (2018 CAI), the PEAC developed the PEAC-Certification Readiness Training (PEAC-CeRT) program to assist private junior high schools as they craft their standards-based school improvement plans or SSIP as part of the preparations for the recertification visits.

Interested schools, associations, and school systems should submit a letter of intent addressed to the PEAC Executive Director, Ms. Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer, to Mr. Bronzon Patrick F. del Rosario of the Certification Unit. His email address is [email protected].

For SY 2019-2020, the PEAC also developed a Certification System to help manage and implement the Certification Program more efficiently. The Certification System can be accessed through the PEAC Enterprise Information System (EIS).

The Certification System has four modules designed for the following users: school; certifier; certification unit; and administrator. The School module is used by the schools to upload documents, fill out forms, and encode the information needed; the Certifier module is used by the certifier to confirm deployment assignments, evaluate the schools visited using the 2018 CAI, and attest and submit reports; the Certification Unit module is used by the PEAC NS Certification Unit to facilitate the submission, updating, and retrieval of documents and school data needed for the certification or recertification of ESC schools; and lastly the Administrator module is used by the PEAC NS ITIM Unit to provide technical support and to address technical concerns.