The PEAC conducted a two-day training program on the 2018 Certification Assessment Instrument (2018 CAI) last July 12-13, 2019 at St. Paul University, Manila. The training program aimed to develop among the PEAC certifiers a deeper understanding of the certification program and to train them on the proper use of the 2018 CAI.

On the first day of the training program, the PEAC certifiers had sessions on the certification process for ESC schools and the 2018 CAI. The participants also practiced searching for evidences of compliance and using the rating scale. On the second day, they had sessions on giving the area rating, finding parallel standards, and writing recommendations. The roles and responsibilities of the certification team was also discussed. The sessions were facilitated by Dr. Ma. Helena Desiree Terre, who was one of the researchers commissioned to work on the 2018 CAI.

On the second day, Ms. Rhodora Angela Ferrer, PEAC Executive Director, gave updates on the certification program and discussed the code of ethics for certifiers. Mr. Eimann Evarola, PEAC NS Information Technology and Information Management Officer, gave a presentation on the Enterprise Information System (EIS) and data privacy.