The TES Online Portal (TES OP) is an online system where Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) encode possible TES Beneficiaries in SY 2018-2019. In a CHED Memorandum released last September 13, 2018. HEIs are required to submit their list of “poorest of the poor, poor, and near poor households enrolled students for the 1st semester of AY 2018-2019” using the TES OP.

The TES OP may be accessed through the following URL: The username and password of each HEI shall be issued by the UniFAST Regional Coordinator whose office is also located at the CHED Regional Office.

Prior to encoding the possible TES Beneficiaries, it is suggested that HEIs review the instructions found on the home page and prepare the data required prior to encoding or uploading the list of possible TES Beneficiaries in the TES OP.

There are two methods in registering potential TES Beneficiaries in the TES OP. The first method is encoding each student details directly on the website. The second method is by uploading an MS Excel file containing all of the possible TES Beneficiaries and their details. The second method requires the HEI to download an MS Excel file template which will serve as a guide when encoding the student details. Once student details are encoded or uploaded in the TES OP, the HEIs may edit or delete the student details.

The TES OP also provides the HEIs with a list of courses that are in the registry of CHED.

The deadline for registering the TES Beneficiaries is extended until October 15, 2018. After the deadline, the UniFAST Secretariat will assess all of the potential TES Beneficiaries encoded by the HEIs in the TES OP. For cities or municipalities with SUC/LUC priority shall be given to students identified in the Listahanan 2.0 of DSWD. In cities or municipalities where there are no SUC/LUC, students shall be ranked based on their socioeconomic status.