To all ESC participating schools:

Please be informed that the Department of Education has decided to open the TSS billing for SY 2018-2019 on January 14, 2019. All ESC participating schools may start encoding their qualified TSS recipients on the aforementioned date.

Billing of TSS recipients, however, shall depend on the start of opening classes in SY 2018-2019 as encoded in the ESC Information Management System (IMS). ESC participating schools shall be allowed to bill their TSS recipients six (6) months after opening of SY 2018-2019 classes.

Computation of TSS benefits shall be as follows:

  1. TSS recipients who have been employed with the school for at least six (6) months shall receive the full amount of Php18,000.
  2. TSS recipients whose employment with the ESC participating JHS less than six (6) months shall receive Php1,500 per month of employment.

The TSS System shall no longer allow schools to create billing statements after February 22, 2019.