CEAP-BACS, PEAC RS 5 to conduct orientation on the revised CAI


The CEAP-Bikol Association of Catholic Schools (BACS) and PEAC Regional Secretariat for Region 5 (PEAC RS 5) will conduct an orientation [...]

Advisory: Regional Program Directors and Regional Program Coordinators for SY 2018-2019


The PEAC Regional Secretariats, which are present in 16 regions, provide support to PEAC in the management and [...]

Join the second batch of Filipino educators to take a LKY School of Public Policy executive program on transforming education leaders


The PEAC is inviting education leaders, school heads and administrators, executives and advocates from the [...]

Advisory: Online facility for unbilled VPBs available in the PEAC VMS from August 6 to September 30, 2018


SHS Voucher Program participating schools can now create billing statements for their untagged and unbilled Voucher Program [...]

PEAC issues a call for research proposals


The PEAC invites researchers to submit proposals under the Research and Innovation for Success in [...]

PEAC to implement a revised Certification Assessment Instrument for SY 2018-2019


For SY 2018-2019, the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) will implement the revised Certification Assessment [...]