Senior High School Voluntary Certification (SHS VC)

PEAC to conduct the Senior High School Voluntary Certification, SHS VC, this school year 23-24. In-person visit of volunteer schools will run from February 6 to April 19, 2024.

The PEAC will be conducting the “Senior High School Voluntary Certification (SHS VC)” starting February 2024.  This voluntary certification aims to help SHS providers verify their compliance to minimum DepEd and Kto12 standards.   


  1. SHSVC is voluntary in nature.  Your school’s participation and the result of the certification will not affect your current status in the SHS Voucher Program in any way; 
  2. PEAC through the Certification Team will be using the SHS Certification Assessment Instrument (SHS-CAI) to evaluate your school’s compliance to minimum DepEd and Kto12 standards; 
  3. Volunteer SHS providers are expected to submit Examples of Compliance Evidences (ECEs).  We would like to assure you that the Certification Team that will be perusing your submitted ECEs will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), in compliance to the Data Privacy Act of 2012, prior to the certification visit; 
  4. The Certification visit will be in-person.  For your reference, the schedule will be sent to you via e-mail and will be posted on the Official PEAC Website as well;
  5. To cover for operational expenses of the activity, schools participating in the SHS VC will be assessed an associated cost for this activity.  

Data Privacy Notice for the Senior High School Voluntary Certification (SHSVC)

In keeping with its mission “To enable quality, sustainability, and innovation of the private education sector in support of national development,” the PEAC shall be conducting Senior High School Voluntary Certification (SHSVC) this SY 2023-2024.  This voluntary certification aims to help SHS providers verify their compliance to minimum DepEd and Kto12 standards. 

PEAC as Personal Information Controller

In carrying out the implementation and management of the Certification Program, the PEAC acts as a Personal Information Controller (PIC) as defined under the Data Privacy Act of 2012. According to Sec. 3 of RA 10173, PIC refers to a person or organization who controls the collection, holding, processing or use of personal information, including a person or organization who instructs another person or organization to collect, hold, process, use, transfer, or disclose personal information on his or her behalf. 

Personal/Sensitive Personal Information Collected

PEAC shall collect the following personal information of the school representatives who shall be part of the voluntary certification activities. 

  1. Full Name (last, first, and/or middle name)
  2. Age
  3. Mobile number
  4. Email address
  5. Teaching or work experience
  6. Designation
  7. Educational attainment
  8. Organizational affiliation
  9. Current basic monthly salary
  10. License details 

Indirectly, the PEAC also collects the names and signatures of the signatories of the documents required for validation. 


The collected personal information shall be used for various processes such as communication and validation of some criteria stipulated in the SHS CAI. The personal information collected shall not be shared with any entity outside the PEAC.i loved thisfind out morereplica watch storesapple phone casespixel 6 phone casef 14 phone cases the best way to show off your phone 

Protection Measures and Access to Personal/Sensitive Personal Information

Only authorized PEAC personnel shall have access to the personal information collected. These information are accessible by authorized PEAC personnel through the SHSVC System. 

Disposal of Personal/Sensitive Personal Information

All personal/sensitive personal information shall be retained or maintained, destroyed, discarded or disposed in a secure manner that would prevent further processing, unauthorized access or disclosure, to any party or the public, or prejudice the interests of the data subjects consistent with Sec. 19., Rule IV of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of the DPA. 

Exercise of rights of the data subjects

Concerns regarding the processing of personal data may be sent to [email protected]. To attend to your concern immediately, please state in your communication the following: 

  • Full Name
  • School Name
  • Data Privacy concern 

Principles of Transparency, Legitimate Purpose and Proportionality

The processing of information shall adhere to the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality in the collection, retention, storage and disclosure of personal/sensitive personal information consistent with Sec. 11 and other relevant provisions of the DPA.

For inquiries, concerns and clarifications:

Certification Unit Contact Details:
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 02.8570.PEAC (02.8570.7322) loc. 151-152
Mobile: 0917.307.0071


Contributed by the PEAC Certification Unit (PEAC-CU)