Assistance to Programs and Initiatives to Reform Education (ASPIRE)

The Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) invites private educational associations to submit project proposals for funding assistance under the Assistance to Programs and Initiatives to Reform Education (ASPIRE) Program. The ASPIRE Program provides funding support to projects and activities in the following areas: Training and Professional Development; Public Policy Development and Advocacy; and Institutional Development. The eligible proponents are also encouraged to align their proposals with the following strategic directions of the PEAC in 2024-2027:

1.    Management of programs of assistance to private education strengthened.
2.    Capacity-building for private schools and for private education leaders, in response to local and global demands implemented.
3.    Understanding of private education contexts, models and best practices advanced.
4.    Increased support for private education policies and additional resources gained.
5.    Organizational identity strengthened.
6.    Organizational capacity and resources made robust.

Eligible proponents that are interested to apply should read the guidelines and submit proposals no later than May 20, 2024. Proposals and other requirements must be sent to [email protected] with “ASPIRE 2024-2025 Proposal-[Name of Proponent]” as subject of the email.

List of ASPIRE funded projects per school year



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