Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP)

Program Description

Senior High School Voucher Program (SHS VP) is a program of financial assistance wherein subsidies in the form of vouchers are provided to qualified SHS learners in participating private or non-DepEd public SHSs. 

Role of PEAC

The Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) has been contracted by the DepEd to administer the SHS VP. PEAC is the trustee of the Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE), a perpetual fund created to provide assistance to private education in the country. Specifically, for SHS VP application, PEAC shall coordinate with DepEd and other stakeholders to ensure that applications are processed and results are promptly released. PEAC is represented nationally by its National Secretariat (PEAC NS) and in each region by its Regional Secretariats (PEAC RS).

The PEAC NS has the following responsibilities:

  • Provide the infrastructure, systems, coordination and controls required for the smooth implementation of the SHS VP
  • Provide in-service training of teachers in VP-participating SHSs and conduct pertinent research

The PEAC RSs shall be the first line of program support to ESC-participating JHSs in the regions.

The PEAC RS has the following responsibilities:

  • Manage day-to-day implementation and coordinate its efforts with its efforts with its RPCom and the PEAC NS
  • Advise, guide and/or assist schools in complying with the guidelines
  • Conduct field audits and training and mentoring sessions as may be needed in their regions.

The Regional Program Committees (RPComs) shall oversee compliance of participating schools in their regions with the policies and guidelines of the GASTPE programs of assistance. It shall resolve problems that may occur and recommend measures to improve program implementation. The RPCom in each region is composed of representatives from DepEd and the PEAC RS with the DepEd Regional Director as Chair and the PEAC Regional Program Director as Co-Chair.

Schools shall provide assistance and guidance to uphold student choice in the SHS VP. They must process documents requested by the learners, and may provide career guidance programs, conduct orientations on SHS VP, and provide resources to facilitate voucher applications. In contract, schools should not impose their preferences on learners or otherwise engage in practices that undermine student choice. 

(from DO. 10, s.2019: Guidelines on Eligibility and Application for the Senior High School Voucher Program in School Year 2019-2020 and DO 19, s.2017: Guidelines on the Implementation of the Senior High School Voucher Program Effective School Year 2017-2018; )

For inquiries, concerns and clarifications (Billing and Schools with Adverse Findings):

Monitoring and Processing Unit Contact Details:
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 02.8570.PEAC (02.8570.7322) loc. 121-127
Mobile: 0917.501.3273

For inquiries, concerns and clarifications (SHS Voucher Program Applications):

Information Technology and Information Management Unit Contact Details:
Email Address: [email protected]
Telephone: 02.8570.PEAC (02.8570.7322) loc. 131-132
Mobile: 0917.702.4213

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