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PEAC releases policy brief on GASTPE expansion to K-6 learners

To support its advocacy for the expansion of the GASTPE program to K-6 learners, the PEAC has disseminated a policy brief which presents that the extension of the GASTPE program to the K-6 level has the potential to increase learner access to education, improve the overall quality of education, and save government funds while also increasing investments to education. Aside from accelerating recovery efforts from learning losses during the pandemic, the policy brief also finds that the extension of GASTPE to K-6 fulfills the complementary roles of public and private schools.

Recognizing the complementary role of the private schools in providing basic education to Filipino learners, the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2023-2028 that was prepared by the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA) identified the expansion of the GASTPE program to K-6 as one of the priority legislative measures of the present administration. The PDP full report can be accessed at

Among the highlights of the policy brief are the following:

PEAC 2022 Final Report Survey on Learning Recovery


Recorded Dissemination Forum at the PEAC Facebook page

Watch the recorded livestream dissemination forum of the “Results of PEAC Survey on Learning Recovery Actions of ESC Participating Private Junior High Schools” at the PEAC Facebook page last October 3, 2022, 10 AM:

Download the slide deck by Dr. Miquel Q. Rapatan at Summary Discussion of Results of 2022 PEAC Survey on Learning Recovery Actions by Dr. Miguel Q. Rapatan .