The PEAC recently conducted the Training of Trainers for K-6 educators from March 22-24, 2024 at Tiara Oriental Hotel in Makati City. Gathering 56 skilled teacher-trainers from 28 institutions across the nation, the program yielded perspectives and strategies in adapting to the curriculum changes and educational trends.
Leading the group was Dr. Gina L. Montalan, the Consultant for K-6 INSET, who steered discussions with the theme on “Coaching Private Elementary School Teachers in the Implementation of the MATATAG Curriculum.” This paved the way for the trainers to navigate on the new curriculum’s facades across three pivotal stages: Kindergarten, Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-6.
Additionally, Mr. Raul Fernando Ballesteros, a seasoned JHS Trainer, led an insightful dive into curriculum unpacking which allowed the trainers to have a stronger grasp on effective implementation of the MATATAG Curriculum.
Meanwhile, Ms. Doris Fernandez Ferrer, the Executive Director of PEAC, shared the rationale for establishing such a program which infused the room with purpose.
True to its mission, PEAC continues to demonstrate unwavering dedication to educational advancement by crafting enriching training initiatives.
Contributed by the PEAC Training and Development Unit (PEAC-TDU)