Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES)

Academic Year 2019-2020


TES Billing Portal is now available in the TES Management System

Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) participating private higher education institutions (PHEIs) may now create TES billing statements in the Tertiary Management System (TMS) which can be accessed at tms.peac.org.ph. In the creation of billing statement feature, the schools may encode all the required data and update the grantees’ profile. To further read the guidelines, please click the link below:


Encoding of TES Grantee Profile in Preparation for Billing

To All PHEIs:

Please be informed that the updating of TES Grantee Profile in the TMS is already available. In order to successfully update the grantee profile, TES-participating PHEIs are required to encode the academic program and the number of units the grantee is enrolled in, and the other fees charged to the grantee beginning the first semester/term until the second semester/term of AY 2019-2020. Updating of the grantee profile is a requirement for TES billing. The TMS will compute the total TES-1, TES-2, and TES 3A (if applicable) once the required data are encoded.

At the moment, creation of billing statements is disabled while waiting for the approval of UniFAST on the computation of TES-1 and TES-2 payments. We suggest that you update the TES Grantee Profile first so that it would be easier to create TES billing statements once it becomes available in the TMS.

We will update you once again as soon as we get the decision from UniFAST.

Contributed by the PEAC Monitoring and Processing Unit (PEAC-MPU)


PEAC conducts orientation on TES monitoring for AY 2019-2020

PEAC conducts orientation on TES monitoring for AY 2019-2020

The PEAC conducted an orientation on the monitoring for the Tertiary Education Subsidy (TES) Program in AY 2019-2020 last January 18, 2020 at the Seda Hotel, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The orientation aimed to orient the TES monitors with the program guidelines and familiarize them with the monitoring process, protocols, and forms. The attendees of the orientation were registrars and finance officers from accredited private colleges and universities participating in the TES program.

Ms. Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer, PEAC Executive Director, gave the welcome remarks and rationale of the activity. She also discussed the legal bases of the TES program, the role of PEAC in program implementation, and the TES timeline of activities for AY 2019-2020.

Mr. Rodrick Malonzo, PEAC Monitoring and Processing Officer, discussed the TES guidelines for private higher education institutions (PHEIs) and TES monitoring guidelines and procedures. He covered topics such as PHEI eligibility and program requirements, processing of TES payments, a walk-through of the TES Management System (TMS), reporting of PHEIs with adverse findings, among others.

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TES Management System (TMS) tutorial video is now available

The TES Management System (TMS) tutorial videos are now available at the PEAC Youtube channel. Please watch the video playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist…

Subscribe to the PEAC Youtube Channel to get program updates: http://www.youtube.com/c/PrivateEducationAssistanceCommittee.


Advisory: PEAC opens TES Billing Portal for PHEIs for AY 2019-2020

To all Private HEI’s with TES Grantees:

The Tertiary Education Subsidy Management System (TMS) for Private Higher Educational Institutions (PHEIs) is now online. PHEIs may access the TMS through tms.peac.org.ph. Please prepare the following requirements and documents for billing:

  • Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) account details. The account name shall be in the name of the TES-participating PHEI as indicated in the Registry and affixed with “-TES” (e.g. PHEI Name-TES). Please secure a copy of the IMI1 or STI1 from LBP.
  • Photocopy of Enrolment Assessment Forms per semester/term of all TES Grantees
  • Tuition (per unit cost) and other fees per academic program per term
  • Authorization letter signed by the HEI president for the PHEI-designated user of the TMS (for PHEIs that have not accessed the TMS)

PHEIs that have accessed the TMS prior to January 6, 2020 may use the same login credentials to access the TMS. Those that have not accessed the TMS prior to January 6, 2020 shall be required to submit an authorization letter signed by the PHEI President assigning a PHEI-designated user.

The PHEI-designated user shall submit the authorization letter and a present valid identification to the PEAC Regional Secretariat (PEAC RS) in order to acquire the user account in the TMS. The PEAC RS directory may be found at peac.org.ph/contactus.

Billing of TES Grantees is currently disabled pending clarifications on provisions in the TES Guidelines. This will be enabled as soon as PEAC gets approval from UniFAST.

PEAC shall release a video tutorial, which will guide PHEIs on how to use the TMS, on January 8, 2020.

Contributed by the PEAC Monitoring and Processing Unit (PEAC-MPU)


In Photos: Orientation Seminars on the processing of payments of the TES Program in AY 2019-2020

In Photos: Orientation Seminars on the processing of payments of the TES Program in AY 2019-2020

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Advisory on the TES Implementation for Private HEIs in SY 2019-2020

To all PHEIs:

Pending the issuance of the joint guidelines by CHEd and DBM, and the approval by the UniFAST Board of the Detailed Guidelines on Program Requirements, Processing of Payments, and Monitoring and Program Compliance for Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) as well as the list of TES grantees for SY 2019-2020, the creation of TES billing statements in the TES Management System is currently unavailable.

The UniFAST Board meeting scheduled on August 22, 2019 was moved to September 11, 2019. Also pending due to the rescheduled board meeting is the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) contracting PEAC as a co-implementor of the TES Program.

PHEIs are advised to start preparing their billing documents in anticipation of the approval of the guidelines and the list of TES grantees. For inquiries, please contact the UniFAST Secretariat or the UniFAST Regional Coordinator assigned to your region.

Contributed by the PEAC Monitoring and Processing Unit (PEAC-MPU)


PEAC to conduct orientation seminars on the processing of payments of the TES Program in AY 2019-2020

The Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC), in coordination with the UNIFAST Secretariat, will conduct orientation seminars on the guidelines on the processing of payments and monitoring of program compliance of the TES Program in AY 2019-2020 for all eligible private higher education institutions on August 6-17, 2019. The orientation will be conducted in eight host regions: Region 1, 10, NCR, 11, 6, 4A, 7 and 3.

There is a registration fee of Php500 per participant to cover the AM snack and lunch. Schools should register with the PEAC Regional Secretariats hosting the orientation seminars on or before the registration deadlines. Please refer to the directory of the PEAC Regional Secretariats by clicking this page. Registration beyond the deadline will not be accommodated.


Academic Year 2018-2019


PEAC conducts a test run of the TES Management System

The PEAC, in coordination with the UniFAST Secretariat, is conducting a test run of the TES Management System (TMS), an online portal for billing TES grantees in AY 2018-2019. Private HEIs are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the features of the TMS and to give feedback of their user experience to PEAC before the formal launch.

TMS user IDs and passwords shall be distributed to the HEIs by the PEAC Regional Secretariat. The PEAC RS directory can be accessed at peac.org.ph/contact-us. The TMS user account shall only be given to the HEI-designated user upon presentation of valid identification card and an authorization letter from the HEI president.


Registration of potential TES beneficiaries through CHEd’s TES Online Portal extended to October 30, 2018

The TES Online Portal (TES OP) is an online system where Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) encode possible TES Beneficiaries in SY 2018-2019. In a CHED Memorandum released last September 13, 2018. HEIs are required to submit their list of “poorest of the poor, poor, and near poor households enrolled students for the 1st semester of AY 2018-2019” using the TES OP.

The TES OP may be accessed through the following URL: The username and password of each HEI shall be issued by the UniFAST Regional Coordinator whose office is also located at the CHED Regional Office.

Prior to encoding the possible TES Beneficiaries, it is suggested that HEIs review the instructions found on the home page and prepare the data required prior to encoding or uploading the list of possible TES Beneficiaries in the TES OP.

There are two methods in registering potential TES Beneficiaries in the TES OP. The first method is encoding each student details directly on the website. The second method is by uploading an MS Excel file containing all of the possible TES Beneficiaries and their details. The second method requires the HEI to download an MS Excel file template which will serve as a guide when encoding the student details. Once student details are encoded or uploaded in the TES OP, the HEIs may edit or delete the student details.

The TES OP also provides the HEIs with a list of courses that are in the registry of CHED.

The deadline for registering the TES Beneficiaries is extended until October 15, 2018. After the deadline, the UniFAST Secretariat will assess all of the potential TES Beneficiaries encoded by the HEIs in the TES OP. For cities or municipalities with SUC/LUC priority shall be given to students identified in the Listahanan 2.0 of DSWD. In cities or municipalities where there are no SUC/LUC, students shall be ranked based on their socioeconomic status.


In Photos: TES MOA signing with Private HEIs

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